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Awu Chen, a young student at the University of Southern California, believed that while not everyone may be a storyteller, everyone has a story to tell. After visiting his grandmother, Yoko Kung (龔玉葉), in Taiwan and hearing her past stories, Awu was inspired to preserve her life in a meaningful and personal way – In a way that anyone can experience the story of his Ama.

In December 2017, Awu and a team of his friends flew to Taiwan to meet and stay with Yoko Kung for two weeks. Determined to tell his Ama's story with as much authenticity possible, his team visited Kung's childhood home and school, in addition to documenting her modern life and aspirations. After two years of production, 'Ama’s Momento' is an installation experience that blends AR and VR technology with Projection Mapping to beautifully depict the life of Yoko Kung.




To inspire people to remember personal relationships and to appreciate the context that the passage of time provides.

To enable storytellers to preserve their life’s moments through immersive multimedia multiuser experiences.


‘Ama’s Momento’ is a mixed reality installation experience dedicated to my grandmother. Blending physical production, augmented reality, virtual reality, and projection mapping, eleven students came together to preserve and celebrate the story of my Ama. – Awu Chen